How We Work?

Rough sleepers in the city live without any stability or security. Besides the shortage of food to fill their stomachs, they also face problems to staying warm during the colder months. Hot Choc Soc aims to give these people a little more stability by extending a helping hand.

Through our weekly outreach sessions, we aim to speak to the rough sleepers to lend a listening ear, share some warmth and connection, and help out in little ways by distributing hot drinks, food, clean socks etc. It is our hope that as time goes by, the homeless become more familiar with our schedule, giving them something to look forward to.

Nonetheless, we need all the help we can get to continue and grow this initiative. You can help us by donating items such as canned food, disposable utensils, old blankets and clothes that you no longer need. What you give us can really help a homeless person in London.

The society is divided into three portfolios:

Outreach Sessions
Volunteers go out on a rotational basis to reach out to the homeless people around the areas of Strand, Waterloo, Victoria, Kings Cross, Elephant and Castle and Holborn. The roster will be posted on ‘KCL HCS Volunteers’:

We organise fundraising events to help sustain the food distribution sessions of the society. To get involved:

Publicity and Community Awareness
The primary focus of the publicity and community awareness team is to humanize the homeless beyond desensitizing statistics and encourage more kindness and empathy towards them. This is done by raising awareness on the issue of homelessness through sharing the stories of the homeless. To get involved:

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