External volunteering opportunities

If you are keen on volunteering beyond the King’s Hot Chocolate Society, here are just a few of the many other organisations serving the homeless community in London. 

(Kindly contributed by KCL HOMED)

Large Charities – any kind of volunteering, some include hostels and shelters (many locations all over London)

  1. Centrepoint
  2. Broadway
  3. Crisis
  4. St Mungo’s
  5. Shelter
  6. The Passage Charity

Smaller Charities – mostly day centres, churches serving food etc

Central London:

  1. Central London Rough Sleepers Committee: Some of us go down to St Mary’s to help with the Homeless Meals so feel free to join in!
  2. Depaul UK
  3. Providence Row
  4. The American Church in London
  5. The Connection at St-Martin’s-in-the-fields
  6. The City Circle 
  7. The Sock Mob 
  8. Shelter from the Storm

North London:

  1. Sanktus (Kentish Town)
  2. Simon Community (Kentish Town)
  3. Holy Cross trust (King’s Cross)

East London:

  1. Spitalfields Crypt Trust (Shoreditch)
  2. North London Action for the Homeless (Stoke Newington)

West London:

  1. Streetlytes (Westminster / Shepards Bush drop ins)
  2. West London Mission 

South London:

  1. Ace of Clubs (Clapham)
  2. Outreach
  3. No Second Night Out



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