We had a really encouraging response at Freshers Fair and at our introductory session on the 25th Sep, and hope that everyone is excited to get involved. Please bear with us as we sort out a schedule for the outreach sessions and arrange meetings for the fundraising and awareness projects, we will be sending emails as soon as we sort all these out.

For those who were unable to attend the Introductory session on the 25th Sep, here (HCS Introductory Session) are the slides we showed that contains a safety briefing of what to look out for when going on the outreach sessions, as well as an overview of our fundraising and awareness events during the last academic year. If you haven’t already contacted us, please drop us an email at kclhotchocsoc@gmail.com indicating whether you’re interested in the outreach sessions, fundraising and/or awareness, as well as your available evenings for the outreach sessions.

Also, if everyone can register their membership on KCLSU (http://www.kclsu.org/organisation/9041/) that would be extremely helpful (: It’s a free membership so PLEASE register!

Looking forward to working with all of you. Once again, thanks so much for all your enthusiasm and patience!


HCS Committee 2014/2015