One of the homeless guys on the street we spoke to tonight was Archie. If you always walk across the Waterloo Bridge, you most certainly would have past him. He was sitting there in the morning when I walked across, and still there at 930pm.

Here are snippets of the long and interesting conversation we had with him:

“You know so many of this people are so ignorant. They walk past and start taking out their phones, pretending to be calling someone, or turn the other way or just stare at me and don’t even say ‘sorry no’ when I ask for change. Of a thousand people who walk past, when one person stops and talks to me, you know, it restores my belief in humanity, you know, that people have that humanity in them.”

“If I’m being honest, don’t buy me sandwiches. Crisps, juice, hot drinks, chocolate…ahh yes chocolate would be fantastic, those would be good. Sleeping bags, hoodies, anything warm, anything will always be useful.”

It really doesn’t take much to smile, say good morning/evening, or stop and ask a simple ‘How’re you doing?’. So next time you walk past, consider what kindness you can give; it isn’t always money they’re most looking for. 

Also, Archie needs new trainers UK Size 7, please contact us if you have a pair to donate! And he loves reading, you’ll see him reading on the bridge in the day (he is currently reading The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo!) and he welcomes books of any genre. He also loves white and milk chocolate, especially Yorkies. (:

Written by: Li Fang Teo