A few of us were on the way to Victoria to distribute some food, hot drinks and sleeping bags to the homeless community there when we came across a homeless guy next to the bus stop. We approached him offering some hot chocolate and other basic provisions. As he gladly took a sleeping bag, our bus arrived and we boarded.

A middle aged man approached us on the bus asking what we had just done and why. After we explained what we were doing as part of the King’s Hot Choc Soc, he did the most unexpected, surreal and generous thing ever-He took out his wallet and gave us £100. “What you guys are doing is great, I am so humbled by what you do. I want to give this money to your society.”

Our jaws all dropped (seriously!!) and we were so humbled and thankful. It was absolutely beyond our anticipation and to have someone reaffirm the work we were doing and be inspired by it was so encouraging.

No matter how insignificant a contribution you feel you might be making or can make, you really never know how much change you are actually effecting (:

We are most inspired to keep up the work we do and will certainly channel his kind donations to purchase more provisions for the homeless!