Hi, everyone! Welcome to Hot Choc Soc’s first event – an introductory session for those of you who are interested in our volunteering work of feeding the homeless. We will be carrying out a short training session at Boland House, where we will explain some basic rules on distributing our resources to the homeless while staying safe in the process of doing so. You will be put into different groups, each with a assigned group leader, who will guide you through the route and point out where to reach out for the homeless people. You should remain with your group at all times for safety reasons. In the case where you have to leave your group, you must inform your group leader! If you get lost during the food distribution session, not to worry because we will be giving out our contact information at the beginning of the session and a map explaining the two set of routes we are taking from London Bridge to Waterloo. Last but not least, you freshers are all required to bring a banana each as a contribution to the food and beverages we will be distributing to the homeless! To conclude the event, we will gather at the FWB building to do a headcount and a brief feedback.

See you guys there!

The Committee